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Astrology and Horoscope Analysis

Astrology is made up of two words – ‘Astr’ & ‘Logy’. ‘Astr’ means Stars and ‘Logy” means Logic. So the logic of Stars is known as Astrology. As per the Vedic dictum, it is a science based on the principle, ‘Yatha Brahmande Tatha Pindande,’ which means, ‘As it happens in the sky, so shall happen below on Earth or as it happens in the sky so shall happen in the body on Earth.’
Just like the Sun and the Moon have a pattern according to which they move in the universe, so do other Stars and Planets. By studying these patterns and other related factors, it is possible to analyze and ascertain the impact that these Stars and Planets have, on certain aspects of our lives. One document, that forms the basis of such analysis, is a ‘Horoscope’.

A Horoscope, also known as Kundli, is a set of Celestial Maps that displays the placement of Stars and Planets at the exact time of the Birth of an Individual, taking into account the date and place of birth. A careful look at the Horoscope of individuals can, not only provide insights into their past and present, it can also predict, what the future holds for them.

I have spent years studying, understanding and practicing Predictive Astrology and I strive to give my clients, a high-quality and a thorough analysis of their Horoscope. Some of the areas that I cover in my Horoscope analysis are as follows:

1. Education      2. Marriage      3. Health      4. Income and Wealth     5. Remedial Measures