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Astrological Gems Therapy

(A. G. Therapy) has a great power of healing.

From the Ancient time we found the references of gemstones almost in all religion in all countries.

However, there are ample examples to prove that gems were profusely used in ancient India. The Vedas which are the oldest scriptures of India also contain several references to use of gems for various purposes not only for health, longevity but for the fame and prosperity too.

Learned people, especially medicine men of Ayurveda and Astrologers conducted research and made experiments with gem stones and adapted Astrological Gems Therapy to bring, control and heal.

  • To heal ailment in the body except unnatural imbalances in the body.
  • To remove depression.
  • To control emotional imbalances.
  • To control temperament.
  • To control various metabolism in the body.
  • To control various movements in the body.
  • To increase vision.
  • To increase knowledge.
  • To increase courage.
  • To increase virility.
  • To bring happiness.
  • To bring financial growth.
  • To bring prosperity.
  • To promote well being of the native.

According to science of Astrology and Gemology each and every stone is radioactive and emitting vibrations in different frequencies and supplying continues energy to human beings.

But the hard fact is that gems donít have their own energy & they are just emitting continues energies given by different-different planets in the Zodiac. So each and every planet is charging constantly particular Gems stone.Astrology had established the fact that 3 types of energies are provided by all the planets are follows.

  • Vayu Vat By Saturn To Neelam Gemstone
    By Jupt. To Pukhraj Gemstone
  • Agni Pitta By Sun To Manik/Ruby Gemstone
    By Mars To Red Corl Gemstones
  • Jal Kapha By Moon To Moti Gemstone
    By Ven. To Diamond Gemstone
    By Mer. To Panna Gemstone

I have been providing gem stone consultancy for years now for identification of deficiency of particular energy and Balancing of Energies in the body through best suitable Gem stone by analysing horoscope of the native.

Iím available for Personal Consultation, as well as Consultation over Phone, Skype and E-mail, by prior appointment only. For more details and for booking an appointment between 11:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M. (IST)Or Email us at with your query or please Click Here