Astro Helplines:

Ph No. +91 - 172-5074555 / +91 9815614040

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1. How we can Take Astrology Consultancy from you?

You can have Astrology consultancy from me over phone, Skype, through email or one to one consultancy in my office by prior appointment.

2. What will be the duration of Astrological consultancy?

One to One consultancy duration is from 30 Minutes to 45 Minutes maximum. Consultancy through Skype or Phone will of 30 Minutes maximum.

3. What information and data you required for Astrological consultancy?

If you wish to have an Astrology consultancy over Phone, Skype or through email the kindly send an email in which you have to mention that How you want to have an Astrology consultancy along with the complete detail of the person concerned, for which you want to have consultancy i.e. Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Time of Birth & Place of Birth along with the particular question you want to ask you can contact through phone.

4. How we can pay online?

For this, please visit on line payment.

5. What are your charges for Astrological consultancy?

Rs. 1500.00 per horoscope for Astrological consultancy in my office.
Rs. 3100.00 per horoscope for Astrological consultancy over the phone/Skype.
Rs. 5100.00 per horoscope for Astrological consultancy through email.

6. What Remedies you recommend?

I recommend only Vedic Remedies, like chanting of Mantra, Doing Puja for Shanti of particular Planet, Donations, Gem therapy, Colour therapy etc.

7. Which Astrology system you follow?

I follow only Indian Vedic system of Astrology.

8. What are your charges for Vastu Consultancy?

That depends upon many factors. So charges for that depend on the place for which Vastu Consultancy is required. Minimum charges are Rs. 21,000/- plus travelling & lodging expenses extra.

Iím available for Personal Consultation, as well as Consultation over Phone, Skype and E-mail, by prior appointment only. For more details and for booking an appointment between 11:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M. (IST)Or Email us at with your query or please Click Here